A Homestead Exemption is an exemption of $1,000 of the assessed valuation of your primary residence. This is a savings of approximately $91 to $142 depending on where you live in Tulsa county. 

Do I Qualify For Homestead Exemption In Tulsa County?

· You must be the homeowner of record who resides on the property by January 1.

· The property deed must be notarized on or before January 1 and filed with the County Clerk’s Office on or before February 1.

· You must be a resident of Oklahoma.

How to Apply for Homestead Exemption in Tulsa County?

· Online: To apply for Homestead Exemption online, visit www.assessor.tulsacounty.org/exemption/homestead. Find the property using the Property Search and then click “Actions”.

· In Person: You may apply at the Tulsa County Assessor’s Office between 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) between January 1 and March 15 or within 30 days from the mailing date indicated on the “Notice of Increase in Valuation of Real Property”. The Office is located at:

Tulsa County Headquarters, 5th Floor

218 W. Sixth Street

Tulsa, OK 74119

· By Mail: You may download and fill out the Homestead Exemption Application and return it by mail to this address.

John A. Wright, Tulsa County Assessor

Attn: Taxpayer Services

Tulsa County Headquarters, 5th Floor

218 W. Sixth St.

Tulsa, OK 74119


How Do I Renew My Homestead Exemption In Tulsa County?

You are not required to apply for Homestead Exemption each year if you have been granted a Homestead Exemption and continue to occupy the homestead property. However, if you change your deed or move you will need to file a new application.