Are you currently making your New Year’s resolutions list? Here are 4 to include for your home! These resolutions will have an immediate impact on your daily quality of life and help you go into the new year worry-free.

• The Kitchen
If you consider your kitchen the beating heart of your house, cook up some ways to perform preventative maintenance on your appliances. Machines that receive the brunt of day-to-day use (the refrigerator, dishwasher. and stove) deserve a deep cleaning and a checkup. Make sure to thoroughly clean behind and underneath them and address any operational issues so you can plan for necessary repairs or replacements!

• Living Spaces
There’s nothing quite like settling into a room that’s refreshed from top-to-bottom with spotless windows and floors. Consider renting a floor cleaning machine or scheduling professional services. Furniture with upholstery should get a good steam treatment, and walls could likely use a wipe-down to erase smudges and stains. Once you’re finished, your home will look and feel as good as new.

• Garage
Whether it’s your hobby space, tinkering spot, or storage for miscellaneous items, the garage is often looked over when it comes to home upkeep. Take inventory of everything inside your garage. If you have any unwanted items, set them aside for donation. For everything else, reorganize and declutter by prioritizing items you use often and storing away items that are used sparingly.

• Exterior
Are there leaves or debris still sitting in the gutter? Should a pressure washing be scheduled in the upcoming months? Could the landscaping use a touch-up? Now is the time to create a game plan so you can tackle these projects one by one!